About TSPT

The Taipei Society of Physical Therapists (TSPT) was founded on August 31, 1997. Our member associations are more than 800. The member associations are composed of all Association of Physical Therapy of Physical Therapist in Taipei, in Taiwan.

Our purpose are, developing the profession of physical therapy, health promoting for the society, helping establish a better medical environment for people, and, the most important of all, promoting the rights of our members of course.

The president of the 6th Board of Director is Hui-Ming Chai, PhD PT. With total of 4 Executive Directors, 15 Directors, and 4 Designate Directors comprised the 6th Board of Director. They are voted by members every three years, and they are the primary policy making of our association.

There are 5 Trustees and 1 Designate Directors in the 6th Board of Trustees, who are elected by the members representative also. The current executive trustee is Professor Jau-Yi, Tsauo, PhD PT.

In addition, there are Information and Dissemination Committee, Clinical Professional Education Committee, Financial Committee, Professional Popularization Committee, Long-Term Caring Committee, Public Affairs Committee, Members Association Service Committee, and Evidence-Based Research Committee. These committees follow the policy made by the Board of Directors and keeping the promotion and development of our association.